Reya girl

Reya, DOB 3/4/23.  Should be 5-6 pounds.  Was keeping her to show, but her topline is not what I want to show.  She is a fun girl.  Loves toys!  She is crate and potty pad trained.  She will be great for an older person or couple, but gets along with others too.  $4000

BeeGee girl

BeeGee DOB 10/15/23.  BeeGee is likely going to be 9 pounds.  She is very playful and would be good with kids.  She loves to be held and wants attention.  Decided to find her a pet home because she has brown at her elbows and her size both make it very diffecult to show her successfully.  $4000

The puppy application does NOT automatically give me your email address or any other contact information   If you want me to respond you will have to provide contact info!

Puppy Application          Sample Contract

The  Puppies from Heaven Sent and also occasionally from trusted friends with ties to Heaven Sent will be showcased here. I may occasionally have an adult for adoption as well.

          Most of Heaven Sent’s Biewer Terriers are sold with a spay/neuter contract (limited registration). Adoption fee can vary according to size and age (older and bigger boys can be less).

If you are looking for a Heaven Sent Biewer Terrier as a breeding/show prospect, please contact me.  I will only allow a puppy to go as a breeding/show prospect if it would be a puppy that I myself would keep to watch for exceptional quality and  as it matures.  

I will not take any money until your references have been checked and the puppy is at least 4 weeks old.  Then I require a deposit to hold your puppy until arrangements can be made to have puppy travel to its new home. The puppy's adoption fee must be paid in full before it travels to its new home. I do take Venmo and PayPal, but you must add 4% to the total of each payment to cover the fees PayPal charges me for accepting a payment, unless you send as friends and family.

I do not like to ship puppies cargo. It is very traumatic for such a small dog. If the puppy must fly, it is better for you to meet me at the airport here, pay for my ticket to fly the puppy to you, or pay for my transporter to fly the puppy to your nearest major airport. The transporter usually charges a fee and all her expenses. The cost will vary depending on what price the tickets cost her.   I charge nothing to take the puppy to the airport 3 hours away from home.   Of course you are always welcome to our home to see all of the fur gang too!

Biewer Terrier puppies come  AKC registration, shot record, food,, and usually a harness/leash, toy and blanket. (Cannot send toy if I have to ship cargo.) They usually have one puppy shot and vet visit before they leave. They will require at least two more puppy shots and rabies. Ask your vet what they recommend for your area, since what is recommended for Kansas may be different than where you live.  We do not give Lepto or Corona to the small indoor dogs here.

Even if puppies are old enough to leave, the adoption process is not always a quick one.  References must be checked, payment must clear, and then arrangements for transportation need to be made.  We must work around work schedules to arrange transportation.  We have three parties that have to coordinate: You, Me and the transporter.  This is not always an easy task.  So, I ask that you have patience if your heart is set on one of my precious babies.  It will definitely be worth the wait, I guarantee you will be happy with your new baby.

Just remember, breeders that are in a hurry to get puppies out the door probably do not care about the well being of their puppies, so how do you know how they are being treated while at the breeder's house?  You are usually looking at a week minimum from the start of the process to finish, many times it is longer before your baby can be in your arms.  Rest assured they are treated well here at their first home.

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Teacup and Micromini puppies
There is no such thing as a teacup or micromini puppy. These are terms coined by greedy breeders looking for a way to market small puppies. I do not breed to get tiny puppies, but do have them occasionally. This does not make them anything other than a tiny Biewer Terrier. The price for these tinies can be a bit more than the regular sized puppies, but not grossly inflated. They do tend to take a bit more of my time to insure they are growing, eating and developing correctly.

No breeder can guarantee that your puppy will be a certain size. If they do, they are lying to you. We can ESTIMATE adult size, based on parents’ sizes and the puppy’s growth pattern.

Facts and Myths about Biewer Terriers

:-( The Biewer Terrier must be crossed with yorkies to bring in more bloodlines and to rid the breed of health issues. 
The Biewer Terrier has no more health problems than other breed of dogs.  In fact by crossing with a yorkie you could be perpetuating this myth by breeding in Liver Shunt, bad patellas, Legg Perthes or other health issues that the yorkies are notorious for.  The BTCA has done DNA health testing and also encourages all members to OFA certify patellas. 

:-(The Biewer Terrier is a yorkie, so it is okay to cross it with parti or standard color yorkies.
The Biewer Terrier is NOT a yorkie.  The only way to insure you have a purebred Biewer Terrier is to have only Biewer Terrier parents.  The Biewer Terrier has genetic markers separate from those of a yorkie.  When DNA is submitted to MARS the results will come back as a Biewer Terrier, not as a Yorkshire Terrier.  They are two completely separate breeds.

:-(If a dog has one parent a Biewer and one a yorkie or parti all of the puppies are considered Biewers.
NO, Only when bred Biewer to Biewer are the puppies Biewers.  Biewers should not be colored like a yorkie.  Biewers should have a white belly, white legs, a white tip to its tail.  Just a belly spot, white toes or a chest spot does NOT make it a Biewer.  The designation F1 or F2 is a way that breeders trying to breed a dog that looks like a Biewer market their puppies that don't make color to be called a Biewer.

:-(The BTCA promotes breeding mutts because they say their Biewers are a cross of at least three breeds and not just yorkies.
This is far from the truth.  The BTCA has tested its Biewer Terriers and knows that the Biewer Terrier is not a Yorkshire Terrier.  The BTCA does not promote breeding Biewer Terriers to anything but a Biewer Terrier.  The BTCA thinks it is wrong to breed a Biewer Terrier to a parti-yorkie or a standard yorkie.  Only the BTCA claims to have purebred Biewer Terriers while the other clubs say that the Biewer is a color variation of the Yorkshire Terrier. These other clubs cannot have a separate breed if they claim the Biewer is a yorkie and continue to cross Biewers with Yorkshire Terriers.  You cannot have a purebred dog if you are breeding two different breeds together.

:-(All dogs being advertised as Biewers are Biewers.
There are many many dogs that are sold under the Biewer heading.  People have them on their websites as Biewer and also puppy sites such as Puppy Find allow people to advertise puppies under the Biewer heading that are not Biewer.  Some of these dogs look like Biewers while others look like yorkies.  You must educate yourself and realize that a Biewer has a white and blue/black body, White belly, White tip of an undocked tail, white legs.  A Biewer is NOT predominately gold.  The only place that gold or tan is acceptable is on the head and a bit around the anus. 

:-( Biewers must be registered in Germany.
Some of the registrations from Germany are now being forged.  If adopting a dog with German papers, there is no guarantee that your puppy is truly even registered. Please adopt an AKC registered Biewer terrier.

:-( I only want a pet, so it doesn't matter where I get my Biewer from.
It only matters if you are concerned about getting a healthy purebred dog.  Sadly, Biewers are already in puppy mill situations.  You need to make sure that you don't support these mass production facilities.  There has also been cases of "reputable" breeders not standing behind the puppies they have placed, even with a contract.  You need to also make sure that your breeder is not breeding Biewers to Yorkies or parti-yorkies.  If they are doing so, they are not breeding purebred Biewer Terriers.  

:-( Chocolate Biewers, Biros, and Golddust are rare colors for Biewers.

These are not rare colors.  They are unacceptable colors.  People that breed for these colors are not breeding to improve the breed.  These colors cannot be shown.  They will make fine pets, but be wary of breeders that purposely produce these colors.


 Things to notice when searching for the right puppy:

  • The breeder raises only one or two breeds of dogs.
  • The breeder will not allow puppies to leave before 10 weeks, AFTER 12 weeks is better.
  • The breeder is willing to talk with you about their dogs and puppies. Pedigrees, health problems in the breed, growth, development, and of course general questions.
  • The breeder will refer you to another breeder if they don't have what you are looking for.
  • The breeder shows their dogs. This is costly, but helps to ensure that the breeder is breeding and producing quality dogs.
  • The breeder attends each whelping if at all possible. Many problems can arise. Is the breeder there for the mama and babies?
  • Breeders that raise several breeds of dogs, especially "designer dogs" or mixed breeds. They just don't care about the Quality of the puppies they are producing. They just want quantity.
  • Breeders that have a buy it now button on their website. They don't care who gets their puppies. 
  • Breeders that don't ask you questions and want references. Again, they don't care who gets their puppies.
  • Breeders advertising micro-mini, extreme teacup, teacup puppies. There is no such thing. It is a marketing strategy to think you are getting something special. None of the registeries has a designation as teacup. 
  • Breeders that breed for rare colors.  They are not trying to breed to the standard set for the Biewer Terrier.  
  • Breeders breeding females that are extremely tiny.This endangers the female's life. Larger females are better able to carry and deliver litters naturally.
  • Breeders that change the name of their facility. It helps to keep people from finding out bad things about them. Do your research, search the web using the people's names as well as their kennel names. You might be surprised.
  • Breeders who guarantee size. No one can know exactly how big or little a puppy will be as an adult. We can take educated guesses, based on parents' sizes, puppies growth pattern in relation to the "normal" growth pattern of that breed. In general (but not always), you can double the 12 week weight of a puppy to see about how big it will be as an adult.
  • Breeders who routinely ship puppies as cargo. This is very traumatic for puppies and could even be deadly for small toy dogs.  A puppy that is unattended in cargo could go into a hypoglycemic attack and die without proper care.