The Girls of Heaven Sent

My girls have been chosen using many criteria. Health, Beauty, & Bloodlines are the main three.  I am proud to present these Heaven Sent Biewer Terrier girls.   All of my girls are AKC/BTRA registered Biewer Terriers. You won't see any of the off standard colors at Heaven Sent, as I breed to get dogs/puppies that meet the standard.  I am wanting a dog that will be able to show, so I do not breed for colors that are faults (Chocoloate, Biro, or Golddust)   I am always on the look out for girls to keep from my own litters, so don't be offended if you have to wait for me to decide which girl(s) I am keeping first.  Hope you appreciate the beauty in all of my girls.  They all are sweet affectionate ladies.

Click on the girl's name to see their pedigree.



Angie is a daughter of Wolfi and goes back to our beloved A-Emmelie through Ivette and Ch. Kashmire from Heaven Sent.  Angie's son Tater is the first Biewer Terrier to earn a Certificate of Merit!  Sorry this pretty girl has such a poor photo!!! Angie is looking for a retirement home!




Fancy, a Bella and Kingston daughter, started her show career at 4 months.  The judges have just loved her.  She is outgoing and seems to take the show scene in stride with nothing bothering her.  She is quite the trooper, but still loves to be in my arms or lap best. 




Tina is another Bella puppy!   She has more white on her body than most Bella babies. Tina has earn about 1/3 of the points needed for her CM.  Tina is retired from showing.  She likes being with me, but not the hustle and bustle of competition.



Velvet is a Bella and Tater daughter.  She is keeping her mother's coloring so far.  She went to a few shows in 2016 as a beginner puppy.  Velvet looking for a home since she has stayed too small. 



Star is an Angie and Dreamer girl.  Star was a hit in the show ring as a baby.  She already has points towards her CM award.  Star will not be shown any more, as she does not enjoy showing.


Ellie did not enjoy the show scene. She is hanging around home and enjoying all her free time.   




Gem has had an awesome time in the show ring.  She now has her Certificate of Merit 2.  She has won several Best in Show awards.  This girl has the attitude and look that it takes to go places.